A Murder in my Hometown by Rebecca Morris




My Review

Rebecca’s story of Corvallis Oregon and the murder of a young boy was heartbreaking and showed just how discrimination can ruin lives. Dick Kitchen was murdered and forgotten about for 50 years. This story fills the gaps of storms in a small Oregon town so isolated from the world that they refused to love one of their own.



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Summer by Melisa Quigley


The weatherman told us in vain
That we would get a lot of rain
After last year’s lovely hot summer sun
When little dogs had so much fun
Frolicking around in their pool
So that they stayed nice and cool
We were looking forward to some rain
To make our garden lush and green again
Let’s hope we have a lot more wet weather
So the farmers won’t be at the end of their tether
Wherever you are and whatever you do

May this summer be a happy one for you


Photo by Sarah Diniz Outeiro on Unsplash

The Wallet by Melisa Quigley

The wallet

I’m so bright and feel so supple
I carry your wealth and debt around
Your credit cards sometimes seem to know no bounds
A coin or two
And yes some notes
Not that I would want to gloat
You know me well
And like my smell
Of nice new leather
However, your wealth equates to so much more
And no it’s not material
But wouldn’t that be so surreal?
If it were the case
Oh wouldn’t it be ace?
To have all that you could dream of?
It’s not what’s inside of me
It’s the wealth that’s inside of you
Knowledge and experience that’s what it is
The best kind of wealth a person can have
For this I am really glad
As I wouldn’t want you to rely solely on me
You carry me with you every day
And with your wealth of knowledge
And the wealth inside of me
I am sure we’ll make a great team


Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash